About Cafe Mantra Music

Pic - Rest Restore Nourish - Jo 2Cafe Mantra Music is created by Jo Kelly especially for yoga, relaxation and meditation.

“Jo, Your music is so beautiful and peaceful…. It’s the perfect antidote for a busy mind and an elixir to soothe the soul. Thankyou!”– Brett, Yoga Teacher

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Cafe Mantra Music is a soothing blend of gentle chanting and flowing melodies that drift over hypnotic rhythms and ambient sounds.  It is inspired by the loving healing powers of mantra and created by Jo Kelly especially for yoga, relaxation and meditation.


How is Cafe Mantra Music different?


Cafe Mantra Music features long continuous tracks paced at 60 beats per minute (resting heart rate).  This tempo along with the hypnotic rhythms and mantra vibrations make the music deeply soothing for your mind and nervous system.

Cafe Mantra Music uses Bija sounds (seed mantras) that are chanted softly throughout the entire CD.  The repetition of these spiritual sounds creates a peaceful vibration in your mind and body opening you to the divine energies of peace, love and wisdom.

Cafe Mantra Music CDs are well timed for a yoga or healing session. The first track is 50mins of continuous music that remains at the same steady tempo.  This continuation of healing vibration keeps your mind centered on yoga rather than being distracted by differing speeds or musical pitch.  The 2nd track flows into a meditation of 108 repetitions of a seed mantra with ambient drones and tibetan bowls. This track is perfect for yoga nidra or relaxation at the end of your practice or healing session.


Café Mantra’s Philosophy

As food nourishes your body, sacred sound feeds your soul.

For thousands of years the sages of ancient India have known of the spiritual science of sound, mantra and chanting and have passed on this wisdom to us in an unbroken lineage of the Vedic tradition.

The repetition of Sanskrit syllables and simple, yet inspired melodies invoke powerful healing vibrations that restore peace, harmony and vitality to our inner being and outer worlds, awakening us to the great spirit of love.

Café Mantra Music is founded on this ancient tradition, yet created for the modern mind. Sacred mantras, soothing sounds and hypnotic beats blend in a peaceful ambience for easy listening, relaxation, yoga or meditation.