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Jo Kelly … Award winning songwriter, Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher

“Sacred music and chanting has enriched my life and given me profound healing, peace and joy!  I am deeply inspired by the loving healing powers of mantra and it is from this place that Cafe Mantra Music has emerged” – Jo Kelly

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Professional Biography 

Jo Kelly, Vocals, Piano, Harmonium, Esraj (Indian Cello) composes, records and performs contemporary conscious songs and traditional sacred music, blending acoustic instruments with electronic beats and soundscapes.

Originally from Sydney she enjoyed a varied music career singing jazz, cabaret, pop and dance covers, but her true musical heart was untouched until she traveled to India.

In India, Jo discovered exotic instruments and classical ragas that touched her heart and soul and felt the spirit of mother earth, rich and rhythmic, inspire her true voice.

Since India in 2007, an abundance of songs and melodies sprang forth and she released her debut original album ‘Letting Love In‘ and then 5  Café Mantra titles. Click for CD Range

Jo formally studied Ayurveda with Dr. Ajit Singh (BAMS PCAS) and was initiated in the mantras of the Das Mahavidyas (The Ten Wisdom Goddesses) by Sri Param Eswaran.

Today, Jo continues to study, practice and perform, experiencing the positive effects of mantra chanting and meditation.  She has begun to learn classical Indian singing and musicianship and this continually inspires her music and each CD she creates.

Festival & Retreat Performances:

-Yogafest Brisbane, Australia – 2013, 2014, 2015

-Evolve Yoga & Music Festival Byron Bay, Australia  – 2013, 2014, 2015

-Yoga Day Sunshine Coast, Australia – 2014, 2015

-Byron Yoga Retreats, Byron Bay, Australia – Over 5 years (resident Kirtan Band)

-Yoga Health Retreats, Byron Bay, Australia – 2014  click to view YouTube

-Bliss Baby Prenatal Yoga Retreats, Byron Bay – 2014, 2015

-Kirtan Camp, Lillian Rocks, Australia – 2014

-House Of Bliss, Mullumbimby, Australia – 2014, 2015

-Ekham Yoga Festival, Port Macquarie, Australia- 2015

-Curryfest Yoga Space, Woolgolga, Australia – 2015


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