Cafe Mantra 4 LOVE

CD $25 MP3 $15 

Total running time:  70mins


LOVE is created especially for yoga, relaxation and meditation with 2 long continuous tracks paced at 60 beats per minute (resting heart rate). This tempo together with a steady constant rhythm and healing mantra vibrations, naturally brings your mind and nervous system into deep peace without effort. All you need do is listen.

Track 1: Song For Krishna (45:35mins) Features Shyan Kishore, Bansuri Flute

Track 2: Hari Om Meditation (18:10mins)  Hari Om chanted 108 times

The mantras chosen are devoted to my guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who comes to me in the form of Krishna. He is the essence of pure divinity and as I sing, this energy flows on the wings of ancient mantras. Love is our true nature and this music helps you reconnect to its pure essence of beauty and peace.

The Story of LOVE

The inspiration for LOVE came about after a blessings meditation retreat given by The Art Of Living Foundation. During the retreat I connected deeply with the mantra Jaigurudev. This means I honour the divine teacher within, which is our true loving nature. As we were blessing each other I felt deeply peaceful and with so much gratitude for the love that was flowing. After the retreat I began to sing Jaigurudev every day and as I did more mantras came forth with beautiful melodies emerging. Song For Krishna was born on that blessed day and has blossomed to a become a beautiful song of the divine.

Love Mantras

Track 1: Song For Krishna (47:21mins)

Jai Gurudev Jai Gurudev Jai Gurudev Gurudev Durudev

Om Namoh Narayana  Om Namoh Narayana

Govinda Gopala Jaya Jaya

Hari Krishna Hari Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hari Hari

Hari Ram Hari Ram

Ram Ram Hari Hari

Track2: Hari Aum Meditation (18:10mins)

Hari Aum (108 repetitions)


A BIG thank you to my crowd funding supporters who helped me raise the money needed to release this music. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all of you.

Tonia, Paul, Sheree, Jen, Lila, Mohan, Lesley-Anne, Mary-Anne, Graeme, Brian, Seonaid, Monica, Shivam, Yolande, Julie, Johanna, Chaitanya, Ruth, Philip, Maya, Kate, Stephen, Chantelle, Julia, Ishka, Debbie, Helene, Tiffany, Alice, Malinda, Janette, Lainie, Michael, Nathalie, Mia, Anne, Susie, Jacqui, Sam, Elizabeth and Bart.


Thank you Shyan Kishore for bringing “the love of love” into my music with your stunning flute solos. Magic happens when we play and I’m forever in awe of your devotion, talent and virtuosity.