Cafe Mantra Chant2 SHAKTI SOUNDS

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Total Running Time:  45 mins


SHAKTI SOUNDS is a meditative collection of seed mantras that activate the loving light and peaceful power of the Divine Mother energy Shakti.  Each sound is chanted gently over ambient drones and Tibetan bowls.

SHAKTI is a Sanskrit word which means power of consciousness and spiritual evolution.  Shakti energy is within us all and when chanting her sounds we open to those qualities of wisdom, beauty, strength, awareness and transformation. Shakti brings the power to love and uplift ourselves and each other.

Chanting is sound medicine. Chanting creates an energetic force that revives our spiritual intelligence at a cellular level. Chant vibrations are metabolised into brain chemicals, like endorphins, which promote healing in the body and mind and open us to the power of love and light.

SHAKTI SOUNDS is created for meditation and healing. You can chant along or lay down and allow the soothing vibrations to wash over you to receive the loving power of the Divine Mother.

Track 1. Shakti Sounds Meditation (25 mins)

Features the seed mantras of the Divine Mother Shakti. Each seed sound activates a different quality of energy that resonates at an etheric level in our being to bring about positive change to our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Aum – Guidance

Aieem – Wisdom

Hreem – Love

Shreem – Prosperity

Kreem – Transformation

Sauh – Protection

Track 2: Divine Mother Meditation (18 mins)

Features 108 repetitions of the Divine Mother mantra ‘Aum Para Shaktiyai Namaha’.  Aum is the original sound of the universe and carries with it the energy of compassion and wisdom. Para Shaktiyai is the mantra that brings the power of the supreme shakti energy into being and Namaha means mind going inward to the divine.

Aum Para Shaktiyai Namaha (108 repetitions)

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