Cafe Mantra Music2 NURTURE

Pink Lotus for Cafe Mantra Music2 Nurture - Cd CoverCD $25  MP3 $15 

Total Running Time:  70mins


NURTURE is a peaceful blend of soft chanting and flowing melodies that drift over chilled beats and ambient sounds, creating beautiful mantra music to nourish your inner being.

Featuring 2 long continuous tracks paced at 60 beats per minute (resting heart rate) this music easily and naturally soothes your mind and nervous system and is perfect for yoga, relaxation and meditation.

The mantras in this CD invoke the feminine energies of the divine mother in all her aspects. Her grace flows within us bringing inner wisdom, beauty, compassion, protection and transforming energy to nurture your spiritual journey.  Each mantra contains seed syllables that resonate with your higher consciousness. These healing seeds of the divine are planted in your being and nourished when listening to or chanting along with this music.


Track 1: Song For Shakti (49mins)


Aum Sri Ma Aum Sri Ma Sharanam Ma

Aum Hreem

Aum Kreem Kreem Kreem Hoom Hoom Hreem Hreem

Kali Maheshvari Tripura Sundari Bhuvaneshvari Adi Para Shakti

Aum Sri Ma Aum Sri Ma Sharanam Ma

Kali Maheshvari Parvati Shankari

Durgatinashini Durga Jai Jai

Kailavinashini Kali Jai Jai

Uma Rama Brahmani Jai Jai

Aum Sri Ma Sharanam Ma

Aum Hreem

Ka Ei La Hreem Hasa Ka Ha La Hreem

Sa Ka Ha La Hreem Sreem Aum

Ma Lalita Devi Sundari

Aum Sri Ma Sharanam Ma

Aum Hreem

Vande Mataram Vande Mataram

Aum Sri Ma Aum Sri Ma Sharanam Ma

Aum Ma Bhuvaneshvari

Aum Ma Kali Maheshvari

Aum Ma Tripura Sundari Aum Ma Mataram

Aum Ma Mata Matangi

Aum Ma Doomavati

Aum Ma Tripura Bhairavi Aum Ma Mataram

Aum Ma Chinnamasta Ma

Aum Ma Bagalamuki Ma

Aum Ma Kamalatmika Ma Aum Ma Mataram

Aum Sri Ma Aum Sri Ma Sharanam Ma

Track 2: Aum Hreem Meditation (21mins)

Aum Hreem (108 repetitions)

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