Cleanse & Rejuvenation Program


1 Consultation • 3 Treatments • 3 Classes    $375 (special offer ends 30th June, 2018)

This 3 week program includes a specific diet and medicinal herbs, body treatments with steam and some yoga and meditation. I’ll give you easy to follow food guidelines and recipes as well as help you find a daily routine to make the changes you need.  The beautiful healing treatments and meditations will bring your mind into relaxed focus so this experience will be enjoyable and satisfying and you’ll feel revitalised in no time!

What’s in the program?

An Ayurvedic Consultation to establish your unique body type and imbalance.

Dietary guidelines and recipes tailored specific to your needs.

Advice on herbal formulations for detoxification

3 x massage and shirodhara treatments with steam therapy to assist cleansing and rejuvenation.

3 x group yoga and meditation sessions to help the process along.

Why is Autumn the best time to detox?

Ayurveda (the ancient natural healing medicine of India) describes everything in the world as an expression of the 5 elements and we too are made up of these elements which shape the physical body and workings of the mind. The foods we eat and the seasons affect us as well as the activities we partake in and the company we keep.

If you look at the seasons and their characteristics you’ll find your body changes and feels different.  In summer it’s hot as the fire element is predominant.  In winter it’s cold and often with dew, frost or snow, so the water element has increased.  In spring and autumn there is movement with many changes for instance in spring there is blossoming and growth and in fall, trees are dropping their leaves, therefore the Air element is in play.

Autumn is the air season so let’s look at some of the qualities of air. It’s cold, light, dry, mobile, irregular and changeable.  When air is predominant these qualities are increased in our body and mind.  For cleansing, we need movement, to move the toxins that have accumulated in the bodily tissues out.  This shift is easier in autumn because these qualities have increased, unlike in winter toxins are harder to move and in summer the body is too hot.  The mind is also needing some extra TLC because in this season it can become more ‘spacy’ and easily stressed. 

Why do we need to cleanse? 

We need to cleanse because the wear and tear of a busy life affects our digestion and creates toxins in our body and mind.  These toxins accumulate in the tissues and channels causing problems like bloating, gas, pain, joint pains, headache, fatigue, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, weight problems, skin problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure … etc, etc.  To return to well being the toxins need to be removed and digestion restored to balance.

So … how can I help you do this?

How is Ayurveda different to other detox methods?

Ayurveda considers you are unique and tailors treatment to your individual body type.

A holistic program cleanses and balances all aspects of your being. Mind, body and spirit.

The use of steam, herbs and medicated oil clears toxins at the cellular level.

Ayurveda uses ancient methods that have worked successfully for over 5,000 years. 

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