Ayurvedic Cooking

‘Making Food Medicine’ Cookbook

Learn how to cook nourishing and delicious food that makes you feel light, satisfied, energetic and content! Using ageless Ayurvedic wisdom, I will teach you how to balance your digestion so you get the most out of your life! The cookbook contains * 30 Recipes * 30 Colour Images * Comprehensive Section On Ayurvedic Nutrition *Taste Guide With Medicinal Information 

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Ayurvedic food makes my body feel gooooood! I’ve discovered the timeless wisdom of Ayurvedic nutrition to be a comprehensive holistic system and this book shows you how to cook delicious and healing meals that make you feel light, satisfied, energetic and content.

You’ll learn the basic principals of Ayurvedic nutrition for adults and children, with recipes suitable for all body types and states of digestion.  Beautiful colour pictures show each delicious meal that is complete with a nutrition guide and medicinal information.

This book is dedicated to you, in the hope it will lift you to higher realms of health and happiness.