Creative Desire & The Moon

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Creative Desire & The Moon

The moon blossomed full a few days ago and  with it came a strong desire to create. I’ve noticed this before. It happens about a week leading up to the full moon. During this time, I have strong urges to paint, record music, rearrange furniture, redesign my website or rearrange pots in my garden. So why? How does the moon influence creative energy? I’ve done some inner searching and put ‘2 & 2’ together, that is inner wisdom with knowledge through study and I’ve come up with an answer to my musings.

Ayurvedic science teaches that the entire creation, the universe and all life, animate and inanimate are made up of energy, which consists of the 5 elements. Ether/Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These elements are omnipresent and have innate qualities which affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s known that the moon affects the tides (water element) and menstrual cycles (water element) and I’ve learned that ancient cultures also honoured the full moon as a time for mating because fertility (water element) is increased at this time. We can also become emotional (water element) during the full moon. I’ve experienced this too.

So how does it all connect? I’ve learned through Ayurvedic study that the water element is controlled through the sacral chakra, otherwise known as the water chakra or the sex centre. The sacral chakra resides in the spine at the region below the navel to the coccyx. Relative to the mind, it refers to the sensate mind or emotional principal, which works through the senses. So when the moon is full our waters are also full. Full with the qualities that the water element brings like nourishment, fertility, energy to blossom and grow. It’s a time of ovulation with increase in sensual experiences and urge to create new life, whether it be a human life, a painting or a song.

Soooo, this might sound simplistic, but in many ways Ayurvedic science is. Simple in its deep, ageless complexity. As I continue to study and experience life, I have more understanding and feeling for being in oneness and it is really wonderful. Yes … life is filled with wonder!


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