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shutterstock_101865556-2Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultation

Ayurveda is the natural healing science from India and uses a holistic approach to health and healing to balance mind, body and spirit.

At a consultation I’ll establish your unique body type and imbalances and then give you dietary advice, medicinal herbs and lifestyle suggestions to restore your digestion to optimum and remove toxins from the bodily channels.  You’ll receive recipes and food guidelines, digestive herbs as well as lifestyle suggestions to help you on your path to health and happiness.

I’ve been practicing Ayurveda in ernest since 2009 and have received profound healing from this ancient science. I tried everything else but no other modality gave me deep and lasting relief from my ailments like Ayurveda has.  I’m living proof that it works!  Read my story here

Initial Consultation  1hr 30mins   $95

Follow up  1hr $50

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AYURVEDA PIC spicy riceAyurvedic Cooking Workshops

-Learn how to cook delicious and satisfying foods for your unique body type

-Discover the basics of Ayurvedic nutrition and how to correct imbalances

-Understand why we use spices and special cooking technique

-Watch a cooking demo, enjoy the food and take home recipes

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