Grow Your Mojo! mantra chant sessions

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Grow Your Mojo! mantra chant sessions

Planting the seeds of peace and happiness!

To grow a beautiful garden takes attention, time, nourishment and care. To grow emotionally and spiritually we have the same needs.  Over time, I’ve discovered a wonderfully easy way to find peace and happiness and have created Grow Your Mojo! mantra chant sessions to share with you what works for me.  Each session is 2 hours where I’ll teach you the art of relaxation and meditation through mantra, music and Ayurvedic Wisdom.

• Learn a quick, easy way to relieve stress, find clarity and boost your energy, anywhere, anytime, with my 3min Miracle Mantras

• Discover deep peace with prolonged, hypnotic mantra chanting you can easily practice at home

• Uplift your spirits with the healing power of your own voice and leave feeling peaceful and happy!

My sessions are unique because I use a scientific approach coupled with ancient spirituality that has been tried and proven over the ages.  My approach helps you to go deep into meditation quickly and with ease using a special tempo, hypnotic rhythms and repetitive chanting of seed mantras.  The seed mantras are the key and hence the title ‘Grow Your Mojo!’

Want to experience this? Then book your place at the Pottsville or Byron Bay session.


Sat May 30, 2015  10.30am – 12.30 pm

Pottsville Neighbourhood Centre, 12 Elizabeth Street, Pottsville Beach

$25 Adult   $20 Concession

BOOK NOW by EMAIL    or call Jo 0417 267 194


Coming soon to BYRON BAY

If you don’t live nearby, then you might like to listen to some Cafe Mantra Chant CDs.  They are created using the same formula I would be teaching you in person.  click here for the CD Range


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