Healing With Sound

fullsizerender_2Chakra Sparsha

Ayurvedic Sound Healing Therapy

A unique Ayurvedic treatment that purifies and balances the subtle energies in your chakra system which, in turn, restores harmony to your mind, body and emotions.

Sparsha is a sanskrit word meaning touch and Chakra means wheel or vortex of energy. Chakra Sparsha therapy uses sound and touch together with massage.  Mantras are chanted while gem and mineral pastes are massaged gently into the corresponding marma points on your feet.  A deeply relaxing and healing experience.

BOOK Treatment  90mins    $95


How do our chakras get out of balance?

When the mind is stressed, restless or dull, wrong choices are made in our diet and lifestyle (ie too many stimulants, overeating, not eating, binge drinking, drugs, over exercising, day sleeping etc etc.  These factors cause digestive problems in the gut, making toxins.  These toxins travel through the bodily and energetic channels affecting our mind and nervous systems.  The result is unresolved emotions and blocked energy centres.  These emotions become bigger problems if left without resolution and the digestion continues to be unbalanced bringing more toxins into the body and mind.  Our mind becomes even more and more stressed and we start making more wrong choices and the cycle continues.  Chakra energy becomes weak, scattered or blocked and the divine intelligence that advises our body and mind how to heal is not received.  Muddled messages or no messages at all.  Get the picture?

The way to healing is by balancing mind and digestion through Chakra Sparsha Therapy and Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle. 

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