I won a music award!

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I won a music award!

2015 NCEIA Dolphin Awards, Best Song Adult Contemporary

“And the winner is ….. Jo Kelly” AAAAAAhhhhhhh OMG it’s me!

I couldn’t believe it when I heard my name called out.  It was a dream come true. I got up from my chair and walked down the aisle under the spot light (just like they do in Hollywood) with my song playing in the background and stepped up onto the stage.  The lecturn was so tall and I had to stand on tippy toes to reach the microphone. I was overwhelmed and speechless for a moment (hard to believe!!) then I quickly found my voice and said “I’ve been singing other peoples songs all my life and not until my soul was truely inspired and my heart open, that I began to write my own.  After my journey to India and the Himalayas in 2006, the music flowed through me and I started to record.  I had to record.  My soul couldn’t hold my songs in any longer”.  I thanked the NCEIA … I think … and stepped off the stage to receive my trophy and prizes.

What a night!  It’s a moment that stays with you.  I was all fizzy inside with excited nerves for the next few days and then I began to settle and appreciate myself and all other musicians.  We spend a lifetime learning, playing, experiencing life, honing our skills, getting knock backs, learning more, listening, practicing, composing, practicing, recording, practicing … practicing … practicing …  and then a perfect 5 minute song is birthed and acknowledged!  Wonderful!  Held in that 5 minutes is 35 years of experience, heart, blood, sweat and tears.  And I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I love my work, my music … it’s my life.

You can listen to ‘Himalaya’ which is track 5 on my debut album “Letting Love In”

The song is only $2.99 MP3 download and the album is $19.99 MP3 or $24.99 CD Buy Now

CD Cover - HimalayaAlso, I made my own music video with pictures of my journey, trekking and camping in the Himalayas.  Watch it here on YouTube




Here’s a few pics of the night and press clippings to check out too!

IMG_0895Pic - Dolphin Awards news about JoIMG_0898




Pic - Dolphin Awards news spread IMG_0897Pic - Dolfin Awards Jo at Lecturn





I acknowledge Ashley Cadell who produced ‘Himalaya’ and the album ‘Letting Love In’.  He is an International multi award winning producer and can now add another one to his list.  Often the producers work gets overlooked and I’d like to say that with Ashley’s talents, my song has become the beauty it is.  Ashley is also the sound engineer who mixes and masters all my Cafe Mantra titles and gives this music it’s lush qualities.  He is truely a master!  Thanks Ash!


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