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Chanting mantras is one of the easiest and most joyful ways to meditate.

Jo Kelly creator of Cafe Mantra Music for Yoga and MeditationA mantra is a sound, syllable or word that is sung (chanted) in repetition to focus and train your mind away from worried, confused and excessive thinking.

Excessive thinking is tiring and creates toxins and blockages in your energetic channels making you stressed. Chanting burns up these toxins, cleansing away stress and emotions in an easy peaceful way. It’s like washing the body and mind from the inside out. Brain washing in a good way!

You can listen to chanting or use your own voice. Both are effective ways in finding peace of mind.

Here are some Cafe Mantra CDs created especially for meditation.

Chant Meditation Range

Silhouettes of people meditating to Cafe Mantra Chant1 Chakra Sounds CDChant1 CHAKRA SOUNDS

CHAKRA SOUNDS is a soothing mantra meditation CD to balance and harmonise your seven chakras through sound.  There are two meditation tracks of gentle chanting with ambient sounds and Tibetan bowls. Read more

  CD $24.95  MP3 $19.99       Click to Listen/Buy


CD Cover - Cafe Mantra Chant 2 Shakti Sounds - for CDBabyChant2 SHAKTI SOUNDS

SHAKTI SOUNDS is a meditative collection of seed mantras that activate the loving light and peaceful power of the Divine Mother Shakti. Each sound is chanted gently over ambient drones and Tibetan bowls. Read more

CD $24.95  MP3 $19.99       Click to Listen/Buy



What are the benefits of chanting?

-Relieves physical and mental stress

– Helps you relax

– Makes you feel happy

– Brings better sleep

– Soothes your nervous system

– Brings clarity and wisdom

– Activates your bodies natural intelligence to heal

– Helps your eyes and skin to glow and radiate

– Makes you feel beautiful!

Chanting is sound medicine. Repeating a mantra creates a powerful force that revives our innate wisdom and spiritual intelligence. Chant vibrations are metabolised into brain chemicals, like endorphins, which promote peace and healing in the body and mind.



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