Our Mission

Our Vision

To be a vehicle of consciousness in the local and global yoga market by creating tranquil spiritual music which inspires, promotes and supports peace, well being and respect for all beings.


Our Mission

To be authentic and honour the Vedic tradition as we create Cafe Mantra Music albums with the pure intention to help people awaken to their true essence of peace, health and happiness. 


Our Values

• Service to all

• Non violence in our thoughts, words and deeds

• Absolute commitment to spiritual practice

• Respect and devotion to the Vedic tradition and the divine


Our Commitment

To deliver beautiful music of the highest quality that harms no one and benefits all.  To share the healing sounds of spirit as we’ve been taught by our teachers and honour the musical expression of the divine as gift to help the world awaken to love.

May all beings find peace, health and happiness.  Lokah Somastah Sukino Bhavantu.