Sacred Singing Lessons

Sacred Singing Lessons with Jo Kelly of Cafe Mantra Music. Kyogle, NSW, Australia

I’ve been singing all my life as a jazz and cabaret artist, but my true voice didn’t emerge until I went to India where I experienced the deeply moving and soothing tones of Vedic mantra and the inspiring sounds of magnificent instruments like harmonium and bansuri flute.

My voice began to open and soar like an eagle drifting on the wind. My heart became wide and joyous. My singing changed. It got better and better.

This transformation came about because I was opened to the spiritual energy of music which transcends ego and fear and this is what I bring to you, my student, to understand and experience the true joy of sacred singing.

At a lesson I’ll teach you

• how to let go and find your own true voice

• yogic breathing and scales for strength and pitch control.

• Find the perfect mantra melody for you that suits your vocal range.

Tuition Fee: $40 per hour $30 concession

Place: My home in Kyogle, Northern NSW

BOOK A LESSON: Call M: 0417 267 194