Spirit Loves Commitment !

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Spirit Loves Commitment !

I have just read a book that a friend of mine wrote titled “Black Sheep White Light” .  I really related to his story which in general tells of his journey from being lost in a life of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll to finding peace in meditation which has helped him find happiness in life.  The book is filled with insights but the one that keeps ringing in my mind is “spirit loves committment”.  I have discovered that when you commit yourself to something that you love and feel enthusiastic about, somehow along the way you are supported and things fall easily into place.

Like my music. I remember the day when the idea came to me to record my first CD.  I received a complete ‘download’ of how it would sound, what mantras I would use, the name of the CD and the image for the cover.  This was the PEACE CD.  I began recording and everything flowed easily and I finished it in one month.  Soon after,  the 2nd CD came along which was CHAKRA SOUNDS.

This was all good, however, I was short on funds and couldn’t afford to keep recording, mastering and printing more CDs.  I had a thought that I really needed some help.  Someone to do the art, print and publish for me.  Well….. of course “spirit loves commitment”.  I was at the Byron Beachside Market playing my music when this couple approached my stall.  They were asking all sorts of questions about how I recorded and who did the artwork for the covers.  I then asked why?  He said, well we are music publishers and we really like your music and in particular the meditation CD.  We want to publish you and distribute your work across Australia and New Zealand.  Ha!  OMG! Thank you spirit, god, the great mystery!  I couldn’t believe it….. then again, I could because I was committed!

So this is a story of being inspired and committed. It can help anything you do.  Whether it is meditation or yoga practice, going for a walk, doing a painting, cleaning the house, looking for a new job, eating good food, helping others….the list is endless really.

I just wanted to thank my friend Jez for his book of insights and reminders and just had to share this with you.

May all beings find peace, health and happiness!

Namaste x Jo


* Black Sheep White Light  by Jeremiah Messenger is published by Balboa Press. A Division of Hay House

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