Treatments & Packages

Warm Oil Massage

Relaxing, cleansing and invigorating this full body massage with warm medicated oil brings you deep relaxation and finishes with a vigorous head massage.  You’ll leave feeling totally wonderful!  

BOOK Treatment 90mins  $125  (series of 3  $110 each)  


Shirodhara De Stress

Resting your mind and nervous system to relieve stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances and headaches. Warm medicated oil is poured gently onto your forehead in a continuous flow and the treatment finishes with an Indian head massage.  Read more

BOOK Treatment 90mins   $105   (Series of 3 treatments $95 each)


Indian Head Massage

Instant stress relief.  Ayurvedic medicated oil is used with special marma point techniques to help release tension in your head, neck and shoulders.  You’ll feel light, clear and energised. Read more

BOOK Treatment 40mins    $55  


Kati Basti Spinal Care

A natural and effective musculoskeletal treatment that brings deep lasting relief from back pain, bulging disc, sciatica, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, knee and elbow problems. Pain melts away as special techniques loosen toxins and relax your muscles. 

BOOK Treatment  90mins   $125   Series of 3 $110 each 


Chakra Sparsha

Balancing your chakras with Ayurvedic sound healing therapy. Mantras are chanted while gem and mineral pastes are massaged gently into your foot reflex points to restore harmony and flow to your chakra energies. Read more

BOOK Treatment  90mins    $95


Diet & Lifestyle Consultation

At a consultation I’ll establish your unique body type and what areas are out of balance and then give dietary advice, medicinal herbs, treatment and lifestyle suggestions to help you restore balance.  Read more

BOOK Consultation    2 hours    $125


Pure Bliss Packages

Massage + Shirodhara + Steam     2hrs 15mins  $230   $175    Book online 

Kati Basti + Shirodhara + Steam     2hrs 15mins  $230  $175   Book online 


Cleanse & Rejuvenation

This 3 week program includes a specific diet and medicinal herbs, body treatments with steam and some yoga and meditation. Beautiful healing!  More info