What Is A Mantra?

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What Is A Mantra?

What is a Mantra? and how does chanting work?

A mantra is a sound, syllable or word that is sung (chanted) in repetition to focus and train your mind away from worried, confused and excessive thinking.

Excessive thinking is tiring and creates toxins and blockages in your energetic channels making you stressed. Chanting burns up these toxins, cleansing away stress and emotions in an easy peaceful way. It’s like washing the body and mind from the inside out. Brain washing in a good way!

You can listen to chanting or use your own voice. Both are effective ways in finding peace of mind.

When you use your own voice, the vibrations increase pranic activity in your mind and body, especially in your brain.   The mantra vibrations are metabolised into brain chemicals, like endorphins, which promote relaxation and healing.

When you’re rushed, stressed and tired, your breathing becomes very shallow and this prevents enough oxygen and prana (energetic life force) from being carried through your mind and body systems making relaxation and inner peace difficult to experience. Prana is activated by deep breathing and chanting. Prana governs the movement of your mind and thoughts, your circulatory and nervous system and when it’s received fully by your body and mind, stress is relieved easily.

I use bija mantras in my music and at a Grow Your Mojo! chanting session. A bija mantra is a seed syllable. Just as you plant a seed in the soil for it to grow into a flower or tree, a bija mantra is an energetic seed that is planted in your own consciousness. It is nourished when chanting with loving attention and over time helps your spirit to blossom!


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