Yoga Music

Cafe Mantra is created especially for yoga and meditation

Blending peaceful chanting, flowing melodies and hypnotic rhythms each album features 2 long continuous tracks paced at 60 beats per minute (resting heart rate) which easily and naturally soothes your mind and nervous system bringing you into stillness without effort.


Yoga Music


PEACE & healing with Om Namah Shivaya.

BEST SELLER!  PEACE features 2 beautiful long tracks of divine mantras to Shiva with soft chanting, flowing melodies and hypnotic rhythms that take you on a journey into stillness, contentment and deep peace.

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CD Cover - Cafe Mantra Music 2 Nurture - low res for webNURTURE your inner goddess Shakti.

NURTURE has two long continuous tracks of soulful singing and ancient mantras that invoke the nurturing qualities of the divine feminine essence.  Paced at 60 beats per minute (resting heart rate) this transformative music nourishes your spiritual journey.

$20 DOWNLOAD NOW        $25 BUY CD


CD COVER LIGHT in rgb for web originalLIGHT brings wisdom with the Gayatri Mantra.

LIGHT is a tranquil blend of gentle chanting, flowing melodies and soulful flute solos drifting over peaceful hypnotic rhythms. Featuring the Gayatri Mantra which invokes the enlightening energy of the Sun.  Beautiful music to awaken your inner light.

Special $10 DOWNLOAD NOW       $25 BUY CD


LOVE is our true nature in devotion to Krishna.

LOVE is a beautiful blend of sacred chants, flowing melodies and transcending flute solos filled with divine love and devotion.  Love is our true nature and the mantras help you awaken to this essence held gently within your soul.

$25 BUY CD


SACRED JOURNEY of India in mantra and song.

This album is a celebration of the mantras I’ve learned and songs that have emerged over the past 10 years of my sacred journey into devotional music, yoga and meditation. It contains 6 tracks of mantras and 2 original songs including my award winning song Himalaya.

$25 BUY CD


Silhouettes of people meditating to Cafe Mantra Chant1 Chakra Sounds CDCHAKRA SOUNDS to balance your energies.

CHAKRA SOUNDS is a soothing mantra meditation album to balance and harmonise your seven chakras through sound.  There are two long tracks of gentle chanting with ambient sounds and Tibetan bowls.

$25 BUY CD


CD Cover - Cafe Mantra Chant 2 Shakti Sounds - for CDBabySHAKTI SOUNDS to activate your inner power.

SHAKTI SOUNDS is a meditative collection of seed mantras that activate the loving light and peaceful power of the Divine Mother Shakti. Each sound is chanted gently over ambient drones and Tibetan bowls.

$25 BUY CD