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Yoga Music

Cafe Mantra is created especially for yoga and meditation

Blending peaceful chanting, flowing melodies and hypnotic rhythms each album features 2 long continuous tracks paced at 60 beats per minute (resting heart rate) which easily and naturally soothes your mind and nervous system bringing you into stillness without effort.

About Jo

Jo Kelly … Award winning songwriter, Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher

“Sacred music and chanting has enriched my life and given me profound healing, peace and joy!  I am deeply inspired by the loving healing powers of mantra and it is from this place that Cafe Mantra Music has emerged” – Jo Kelly

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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the natural health system of India and uses an holistic approach to healing by balancing mind, body and spirit with diet, lifestyle, warm oil treatments, yoga, mantra and meditation.  Ayurveda uses ancient wisdom to help modern life health problems and has been successfully practiced for over 5,000 years.